TANK CHECK™ Benefits

Oil Tank Inspection and Evaluation Program

TANK CHECK™ is a comprehensive web-based program that gives you the tools that will enable you to easily keep track of and analyze inspection data for all your customersí oil tanks.

You just follow the simple tank inspection guideline and enter the data in your secure data base. Then TANK CHECK™ will analyze the inspection information and automatically highlight deficiencies that signal risky tanks. Itís as easy as that!

Now you can have all of your critical tank inspection data for all of your customers in one comprehensive and secure database. No more guesswork, no more surprises.


Itís Good for Your Customers

Your customers will love TANK CHECK™ because it provides:

  • Annual oil tank safety inspections
  • Printed Tank Inspection Reports to satisfy homeowner insurance requirements and qualify for discounts
  • Peace of mind

Itís Good For You

Youíll love TANK CHECK™ because you can:

  • Know the condition of every tank you fill
  • Gain a potential new profit center
  • Insure that technicians perform tank safety inspections
  • Identify risky tanks so you can encourage safety upgrades and stop delivering to dangerous tanks
  • Print Tank Inspection Reports to counteract insurance company discrimination and help customers qualify for discounts
  • Boost service income by screening tanks for safety deficiencies
  • Reduce your liability insurance expense
  • Reinforce customer loyalty and reduce customer turnover
  • Keep track of every tank for your peace of mind

....all of this for less than ONE DOLLAR per tank, depending on the number of tanks.

Check it out at HTTPS://tankcheck.lincolnlaboratory.com

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