Oil Tank Inspection and Evaluation Program

For Oilheat Dealers, TANK CHECK™ offers a simple, inexpensive system for managing key safety information for all of the aboveground oil tanks that you deliver to.

TANK CHECK™ provides the tools that will allow you to quickly inspect tanks, to store the inspection data in an interactive database, and to analyze safety risk factors for each tank.

You will be able to print an Inspection Report for each tank in a format that is intended to be shared with the tank owner. The Evaluation Report will highlight any deficiencies that need corrective action. This is important information for both you and the tank owner to be aware of, and this process will reduce your liability risk for tank problems.

The TANK CHECK™ service is being offered at minimal cost with the hope that you will inspect ALL of the tanks that you deliver to. We encourage Oilheat Dealers to view regular tank inspection as a due diligence responsibility to the interests of both your customers and your own business. TANK CHECK’s™ goal is to reduce the risk of oil releases from aboveground heating oil tanks.

You can enhance the value of TANK CHECK™ by pairing it with our exclusive TANK-GUARD® corrosion protection and warranty program. TANK-GUARD® is a proven corrosion inhibitor that fights leak-producing corrosion inside oil tanks while providing customers with a peace-of-mind tank warranty. TANK-GUARD® is the perfect complement for TANK-CHECK™. Together, they will provide your customers with proactive Total Tank Care.